The automatic and manual dual mode sliding vault door

In the automatic and manual dual mode system,
the vault door can be opened using the emergency dial in situations
where the owner has either forgotten the dial password or there is a power outage.

World-class safety

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Use of space

Since it is able to be pieced together,
it is easy to install and move about.
Extra space is not necessary for installation.

Superior defense

Multiple steel boards have been applied to the interior of the vault door
in order to withstand attacks.
The vault is also well-protected from fires.

Dual mode (automatic/manual)

In the case of a power outage or damage to the automatic opening device,
the dual mode system can be activated so the vault opens manually.

Locking device

The lattice is controlled by two dials that can handle over 100 password changes,
and there is a relocking device on the emergency dial
so that should there be an external attack or any damage, the vault is locked automatically.

Vault Door UL fireproof/ anti-theft test

Removing steel wall damaged due to oxygen torch and chipping