The world’s first electronic sliding vault door
to receive a UL Class M anti-theft classification.

The door has a neat, simple exterior minus any protrusions and a stainless steel finish.
It is built-in to the wall and offers an excellent use of space.

World-class safety

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Automatic system

We have added another level of ease-of-use with the automatic password system,
which opens the vault door when the password is entered.
Also, in the case of an emergency, the door can be operated from both inside and outside via a hidden dial.

Emergency release device

It is possible to open the door using a switch should the door lock unexpectedly from the outside.
An air vent and alarm system has been installed to prepare for an emergency such as a PCB failure.

Lock device

We use a UL classified Sargent & Greenleaf electronic lock.
The electronic lock has a three-step open-and-shut function A one-person or two-person system verification,
and a time delay option (maximum 99 minutes) are also possible.
The manual key and electronic lock on the front of the vault door provides a second level of security.

– Options: fingerprint recognition, blood vessel recognition, etc.

Safety equipment

The door automatically stops from opening when it senses an intruder.

Automatic glass lattice door

Opens automatically when the vault door’s escape button is pressed, and recloses after a certain amount of time has passed.
For heightened security, there is a manual key that can only be activated once released.
(Option) It is possible to install an automatic sensor that will open the door through verification.
Security and safety is increased by combining meshing with reinforced glass commonly used in vehicles.

Emergency Door

The slide-layer type emergency door is installed in the center of the door, rendering it unnecessary to procure extra space.
(In the case of a power outage or emergency, the emergency door can be used to open the main door)

Vault Door UL fireproof/ anti-theft test

Removing steel wall damaged due to oxygen torch and chipping