Shinjin’s UL classified vault door is made complete
with a simple design and first-rate security.

The vault door has a lattice structure and is made from a shock-absorbent material
that was specially designed to withstand attacks from impact drills, oxygen torches, and diamond cutters.
It has received a classification from the UL institution.

World-class safety

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A beautiful design with a stainless finish and circular nickel–chrome played handle,
the product is a blend of elegance and strength.

Locking system

The system uses three dials.
The door opens when the two dials are released and even if one dial becomes damaged,
it is possible to use the door.
There are four relocking devices in the interior and in the case of an attack from the outside,
the auxiliary bolt will lock automatically.

Function and safety auxiliary device

Should the door close from the outside, there are several safety functions in place,
such as an alarm to alert someone of the situation, an air ventilator,
and indicators that can help distinguish the emergency.

Option specifications

  • Time lock

  • Stainless steel lattice door type A

  • Stainless steel lattice door type B

Door structure

The exterior has a stainless steel finish,
and uses a special hinge that allows the door’s height to be adjusted during installation.


The filling is made up of special alloys, high-strength concrete and structural reinforcements,
and has been made to withstand oxygen cutting, high-powered drills, hammering,
and other anti-theft tools listed by UL.

Emergency ventilation

It is possible to inject air into the room should anyone be trapped inside.

Alarm system

The emergency lamp and alarm can be controlled with a simple switch
and used to alert and notify others of the situation inside.

Auto-light function

It is possible to turn the lights on and off by opening or interlocking the vault door.


We use dials that are at least UL GROUP level 1,
and 3-MOVEMENT dials that allow over a hundred password changes.
Ease-of-use and usability is heightened by allowing three of the two dials to be released.

Vault Door UL fireproof/ anti-theft test

Removing steel wall damaged due to oxygen torch and chipping